As the U.S economy continues to bounce-back opportunities are growing for overseas investors to achieve high net yields of up to 24% on U.S. buy to let real estate.

There is strong demand from good tenants in cities that are on the road to economic recovery. These tenants are often previous homeowners who lost their homes in the recession and are unable or reluctant to buy a home. US home ownership is at an all-time low and according to Moody’s demand for good quality rental homes is high as US job growth continues to increase.

Last year, UK based, PCG Invest, helped its clients safely and securely invest in over 300 properties in the USA, with average NET yields of 20% with an average investment of £25,000.00 per property.

Our clients come to us because we have access to high quality properties in key up and coming cities. Our clients know that we follow a tried and tested process to ensure that their money is safely invested.  Due diligence and financial transparency are our top priorities. We work with licenced real estate brokers and legal professionals to ensure that clients’ money is safe during every step of the buying process”, says Darren Brown, CEO of PCG Invest.

There are fantastic opportunities for investment in high quality, refurbished, full tenanted, fully guaranteed, managed properties in cities like Detroit, Buffalo and Rochester New York – all coming back from the recession and all offering investors high net yield income producing portfolios.

One of the biggest buy to let hotspots is Detroit, which has been called by commentators as “an emerging market that happens to take dollars”.

With high profile corporations like JP Morgan, Quicken Loans, General Motors pouring billions of dollars into Detroit the city has become a magnet for corporations’ large and small keen to invest in its rebirth and the number of tech start-ups is second only to Silicon Valley. Galapagos, Brooklyn’s most famous arts organisation is relocating to the Highland Park area of the city.

“We have been given an exclusive opportunity by the Mayor of Highland Park, a few miles from downtown Detroit, to sell “off-plan” apartments in a brand new development in a refurbished warehouse, right next to the last stop on the new M1 transit system. We are selling studios, 1 and 2 bed apartments from $40,000.00 with a 25% deposit, the next 50% payable in January/February 2016 and the final 25% is funded by the first two years rent”, says Darren Brown, CEO of PCG Invest.

One PCG client, UK based dentist Alister Weightman, has already bought ten properties and is planning to buy ten more.  He is using his income from the properties to pay for his daughter’s university expenses.

“We bought ten properties using the services of PCG in 2014. I carried out some due diligence on PCG and so did other family members including my solicitor son before we decided to take the plunge as we were frankly a little unsure. It was a great decision and we are planning on increasing our portfolio and buying more this year. Trust the experts, take the advice, be chilled during the process and you won’t be disappointed. Good contacts in the US that provide additional support too”, says Alister.