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Why You Should Be Investing in USA Buy to Let Property NOW

Now could not be a better time to invest in the USA buy to let market.

The outlook for US growth is brightening. Recent forecasts by the International Monetary Fund expect the US economy to pick up to a 2% growth pace this year. This is part of the IMF’s overall view that advanced economies are set to do well in the next year.

The US has a diverse and stable economy; it is the world’s third largest producer of oil and natural gas, the second largest trading nation in the world and the second largest manufacturer. The dollar is still the most powerful currency in the world and it has a modest unemployment rate.

Great news for investors

This is great news for people looking to invest in the growing US buy to let market and opportunities are plentiful to make money in real estate investment. Owners of buy to let properties can get up to 18% NET yields in cities like Rochester, Buffalo and Detroit.

For investors looking for above average capital growth there are some incredible opportunities in Texas. The economy in the Lone Star state is booming with tax incentives enticing major corporations, including Toyota to relocate there. Demand for good quality rental housing is high.

The Dollar Economy – be part of it

Owning US property means you are part of the Dollar economy. The US Dollar is the most-used currency in international transactions: in fact, about 60% of funds used in international trade are US Dollars. The Dollar has risen in strength in 2015, particularly against currencies such as the Euro and the Chinese Yen.

Rising Rents & Capital Growth

According to business forecasters, Kiplinger, a strong rental housing market will keep rents rising at a strong pace of more than 4%. Indeed, many landlords are now raising their rents by up to 5% when new tenants move in, particularly in Texas where demand for good quality A Grade rental properties is high.

Solid capital growth is predicted through to 2017 and with many Americans preferring to rent rather than buy, now is a perfect time to start building a buy to let portfolio.

Buy to Let US Finance for Overseas Investors

As it gets harder to get a buy to let mortgage in the UK, we can offer PCG Invest clients up to 70% financing for US buy to let investments. We work with one of the US’s largest mortgage brokers who have created an overseas investor finance deal. This means that for the first time overseas buyers can buy a ready-made, income producing portfolios of multiple units with an investment of around $150,000.00, achieving an annual ROI of up to 34%.

The Time To Buy Is Now

To find out more about US buy to let investment opportunities take a look at our properties and start building your portfolio with us.